Weddings on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia

For anyone who’s done the math and realized that a big traditional wedding at home is considerably more expensive than an intimate Island wedding, the Caribbean quickly comes to mind and St. Lucia is at the absolute top of the list in terms of the perfect choice.

The stunning beauty of this Caribbean island is hard to match. From the beauty of the Pitons to the unmatched beaches, St. Lucia is an amazing backdrop for your most romantic of occasions.

Fortunately, the process for getting married on St. Lucia is pretty straightforward. To get married you just need to bring a Birth Certificate and Passport, plus appropriate documentation if you are divorced, a widow/widower or have changed your name. Note that these documents must be in English or have an authenticated translation along with them if not.

If you’re looking for a whirlwind wedding, fortunately you can get a special license and be on and off the Island within 24 hours! That said, most couples take some time to enjoy this tropical paradise before and after their wedding.

Fees for weddings are $335 for a Marriage License (add approximately $200 for a special license if you’re on the island for less than 24 hours), $100 registrar fees and approximately $10 for a marriage certificate.

Many St. Lucia Hotels can provide all of the above details within their wedding packages, as well as a wide variety of options for receptions, accommodation and activities.

Speaking of activities, be sure to book some extra time on the island after your wedding as you’ll find a wide variety of tropical activities including bird watching, hiking, boat tours, golf, sightseeing, botanical tours, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and whale watching.

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What a way to start your lifetime together!