Want to Have the Perfect Island Wedding? – Then Remember to KISS

If you want to have the Perfect Island Wedding then just remember to KISS. Not the lip locking thingy, but instead just Keep It Simple Sally. And the magic truly is in the Simplicity.

You see, with a big extravagant wedding back home there are so many things to keep an eye on that you can easily feel like you need a planner for your wedding planner…a recipe that’s guaranteed to turn the sweetest gal into a horrid bridezilla. And we just can’t imagine this of you. Fortunately, most island resorts are truly skilled at delivering beautiful island weddings so you hardly need do more than make a few telephone calls explaining any special requests that you might have. And after this all you need do is check-in to your wedding resort, work on your tan, and show up for your wedding!

I have seen some island resorts with as many as 9 and 11 weddings in a single day so you can rest assured that they have it down to a fine science. Truth be told however, all you probably want from your resort is to be treated like you are uniquely special on your wedding day and not to get caught up in the art of how a resort packs so many weddings into a single day. Gosh, heaven forbid that your wedding is on one of those days. And now imagine that it rains! However there are easy ways to ensure that you don’t have such an experience.

One of the best ways to keep your island wedding really simple is to finalise the details well ahead of time and in person. A pre-wedding scouting trip to your island of choice is a brilliant idea, especially if you are inviting friends and family. One couple recently vacationed in St. Lucia to celebrate their engagement then flew back the following year to get married, having made most of the arrangements during their engagement trip. The beauty of this was that when they arrived the following year for their wedding they felt so relaxed and welcomed by all the staff who remembered them that they said they felt as if they had been given the keys to the kingdom!

For the bride who is very particular about her expectations regarding service and delivery, such a trip can go a long way towards you sleeping well at night.

To keep things simple it helps to know and understand the events that make your island wedding possible. A great place for independent information is the tourist board of your selected island. Here you will discover all of the legal requirements for your wedding, from the required period of residence on your island, down to the legal recognition of your wedding back home. Beyond this there are websites that carry all of the important contact information for the legal authorities of a number of Caribbean islands. Best of all, many islands have divisions of their tourist boards in many of the major metropolitan areas of the world, complete with toll free numbers.

With all of this it is easy enough to see why to get the Perfect Island Wedding all you need to do is KISS!