Long Island Wedding Invitations in 4 Locations For 4 Seasons

You live on Long Island and you are about to send out wedding invitations to the whole family and everyone you have ever known in your life. You may be lacking in inspiration or ideas of what to do. Why not make your wedding invitations as unique as Long Island and its diverse landscapes? Long Island has a rich history that you can include in your photos for your wedding invitations to give them originality and added value. Here are four different place to go on Long Island depending on the season.

Summer time boardwalk photos for your wedding invitations at Long Beach. Wait until sunset in the summer and you will have great light hitting at the just the right angle and intensity to make your photos and the background look amazing.

In the fall, go to Cold Spring Harbor for beautiful wedding invitation photos. This pristine Long Island hamlet is great in the fall, especially near St. John’s Church. The colors of the trees and the water combine to give the place a very in-season look without all of the concrete. Great for all wedding invitations.

Take winter photos at the Greenport carousel to give mysticism to your wedding invitations. This village in Suffolk County with a population of 2,048 is a quaint place that lacks a police department, but has a locally famous carousel that is illuminated at night and that gives off vibrant colors sure to make your wedding invitations as unique as you are.

Take photos along the beaches of Montauk for intimate wedding invitations in the Spring. The famous beaches of this hamlet make it a great destination for wedding invitations on Long Island Personally I am reminded of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” when I think of that place – an image that evokes love. That is what your wedding invitations should be about.

Island Weddings On A Budget – Four Money Saving Tips

When the thought of island weddings come up, they are very often nixed because the bride and groom assume it will be too expensive to pull off. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money on the ceremony and accessories that can make having a dream event on the beach a reality. The following are some ideas to consider:

Let The Beach Be The Backdrop

Island weddings need little more decorating than the gorgeous surf as a backdrop. For those who want to save money on decorations, simply let the white sand and blue ocean be the primary decorations at the ceremony. If the ceremony is at sunset, a few inexpensive torches may be needed to add some extra ambiance. Some simple white chairs, a few inexpensive flower petals to line the aisle, and the bride and groom are all that is needed to make island weddings simply amazing.

Forego The Chairs

Since wedding ceremonies are very fast, another way to save money is to not rent chairs. If chairs are included with the wedding package, then they should be considered. However, some bridal coordinators charge extra for chair cover rentals to place on them in order for them to match. To avoid these fees, consider not having chairs at all, or perhaps just a few for close family members or elderly guests who will need to sit.

Make A Bouquet

Island weddings are in the best location when it comes to finding fresh flowers. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on bouquets, tap into the local flower market for some fresh flowers and make them. In some cases, the flowers will be picked the morning of the ceremony, which results in the freshest, most colorful bouquets. Make an event with the bridesmaids the day before the ceremony. Everyone can go pick out the flowers and make her own bouquet to hold at the wedding.

Do Not Choose A Formal Gown

Many beach ceremonies include walking for several yards in the sand. Why bother with a big, heavy bridal gown that will have to be dragged through rough terrain? Instead, shop around for more flowing dresses that are available in regular dress shops. Not only are they less expensive, but they are also more conducive to the beach location. Nothing will be more beautiful that soft organza or chiffon blowing in the breeze. Also, consider going shoeless. It will be easier to walk and the extra money can be spent elsewhere.

These are only a few ideas that will save some money on island weddings. Be sure to check for package deals that may be available in the off-season to save some additional money. Even though the weather will not be as warm, the event will be just as beautiful. Also, ask local hotels for any specials that may be available for larger parties for additional savings.

Beach Island Wedding Favors and Ideas

Are you planning a destination wedding at a beach or on a tropical island? If so you will want to make sure your wedding favors pick up on the theme. Beach island wedding favors are very popular items that your guests are sure to love. Below you will find some of the more popular beach wedding favors. These of course just give some ideas and you will want to think about and explore your wedding favors based on these ideas.

Chocolate Shells

Want something that looks elegant tastes great and reminds your guests of the wonderful island wedding they attended? Why not try chocolates that are shaped like different sized sea shells. You can place these in a fun little glass box or even a beautiful little bag with a raffia ribbon to tie it all together. These are fun for the guests to eat and will really help carry your beach themed wedding.

Beach Decorated Picture Frames

Picture frames are a very popular item to give as a wedding favor to your guests. Picture frames are great because they can be purchased blank and decorated yourself to save money or you can buy them already decorated. Either way a picture frame can be decorated in an unlimited amount of ways making for a very versatile wedding favor. It is a lso a wedding favor that has a very practical side. The guests can continue using your wedding favor for years to come. They can easily place a picture of your wedding in the frame or just use the frame to place their own pictures in. Either way every time they see the frame it will be a great reminder of the wonderful wedding they attended.

You can find a bunch of different island or beach themed wedding pictures frames and it really depends on your overall theme, colors and personal tastes. For example if you had a very casual wedding then you might want to find a frame with little beach flip flops of sandals on them. These are fun casual and often very colorful and a great reminder of the beach wedding. Or you might go with a little more formal beach look and find a decorated frame that uses seashells around the outside of the frame. Either way your guests are sure to love the frame.


Candles are another very classic wedding gift and a great idea for your guests because it is something they can use long after the wedding. You can find a variety of candles in all different shapes and sizes that fit within a beach theme.

For example you can find a silver plate tea candle holder that is shaped like a large nautilus shell. Also it is easy to find glass candle holders that are etched with sea horses or sea shells. If you are looking for something a little more colorful and less formal then why not use a flip flop or sandal shaped candle holder. These are often painted with bright colors and wonderful beach scenes. Either way there are lot of different candles that fit within your beach inspired wedding favor.

What ever beach island wedding favor you choose you are sure to end up with a favor that your guests will love and cherish and something that will create a great reminder of the wonderful time they had at your wedding. This is exactly what you want and it is the perfect thank you to give to your wedding guests.