One Simple Step to Turn Your Island Wedding Into a Lifetime of Memories

There are few occasions in life that are meant to be more memorable than a wedding. The amount of time, energy and money spent on making sure that your wedding turns out to be a perfect day is a testament to how important an event it is.

There are so many variables to making your wedding turn out perfect that it can be absolutely head-spinning to try and prioritize everything. Perhaps the most important factor in planning your wedding is the setting, and what better place to hold it than on a beautiful island?

And I am thrilled that you have chosen an Island weddings to create those special memories for that special day. The serene, natural beauty of an island is incomparable to that of any other location in the world.

Most brides when holding an island wedding go through all the stress and emotional strain of setting this up but this turns out to be just like all the other island weddings. According to a local bridal magazine for Hawaii, almost 92% of all island weddings can be predictable and no different from the previous one.

So lets forget out make this a cookie cutter island wedding.

The one secret to turning this around and having a wow factor for that special day is having a theme island beach wedding. Holding your wedding on an island also allows you the opportunity to create a specific theme for your guests to abide.

For instance, if you hold your wedding on a Hawaiian island, perhaps you can specify that you’d like the entire wedding party to wear grass skirts and flowers in their hair. Not the men of course. But you can specify the exact theme so they can blend into your prefect wedding setting.

The possibilities are endless!

Planning an island wedding does not need to be as intimidating as it may seem.

If you are finding it difficult to find the best theme then call up your local tour guide for the island you selected. Ask them specifically about the island themes and the best resources to pull this off.

You will be surprised that making one phone call to the right person beforehand can get you the best information you need and plan a theme that no one has done before. And if you are running short of time and feeling the stress, there are plenty of travel agents and wedding planners that will assist you in this, regardless of where you live.

Most of the time, all you’ll need to do is specify a few preferences, such as what type of food you’d like served and what your preferred schedule would be, and the planners will be more than happy to assist in putting it together.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are going to hold your wedding on an island, do it in a month such as September, when the weather is still nice but not too hot.