Enjoy a Unique Island Wedding

Every couple wants to create an unforgettable wedding day. Ceremonies have long left the confines of a Church and now couples spend months agonizing over where they want to get married. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a location, first there is the setting that best matches your theme, then you have to think about photos and backdrops, and of course you need to consider a location that your family and friends can easily get to – and enjoy while they are there.

Island weddings are extremely appealing to the couple looking for a bit of extra flair and an incredibly special and memorable day. Tropical islands are already sought after as holiday and honeymoon destinations, and most guests would jump at the chance to escape to a sunny climate to enjoy the sun, sand and tropical waters while at a magical island wedding. With diving in the surrounding waters, dining at incredible restaurants, and spending time on the warm, sandy beaches, they’ll be inclined to have their holiday in the tropical paradise.

Island destinations also provide rich and interesting cultural history. Couples can incorporate unique island culture into their wedding, including traditional cuisine and dance. Your whole wedding party will love celebrating with you in such a spectacular place.

Already one of the top holiday destinations in the world, Rarotonga is a great example of a fantastic location to have a tropical island wedding. Popular over other island nations because of the quality of accommodation and resorts; couples often choose to have their wedding in Rarotonga because of the experience that these places have with hosting and catering. As anybody knows, planning a ceremony and reception can be incredibly demanding, so having professional help from the resort you choose to stay with can be a great relief.

Wherever you choose, you will find that Island weddings offer a wonderful experience for everyone who stays there. With beautiful beaches and fantastic weather, your guests will have much to enjoy in addition to celebrating you and your partner’s new life together. You can also stay and enjoy your honeymoon after the celebrations with family and friends have finished. There really couldn’t be a better place to have your wedding.

Enquire with one of the many luxury resorts on your choice of tropical Island, about hosting, catering and find out who will be best suited to helping you have the perfect day.