Beach Weddings in the Caribbean

Are you dreaming of beautiful beach weddings is the Caribbean to eternalize your special day? Is it that the planning is stopping you from realizing your dream? Don’t let it. Just read down these simple tips and realize your dreams. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way!

1. The Caribbean is a cluster of islands and it’s very important that you decide first where is it that you want to get married. Jamaica or Grenada? Antigua or St. Lucia? Barbados or St. Maarten’s? So decide your destination first. If you are confused about how to go about that, take some time and go on a short visit to these places. But if you don’t have the time and want to be cost-effective, simply ask friends or relatives who’ve had or attended beach weddings in the Caribbean. Or you can visit some websites that have offers on each destination. If you are worried on the basis of your choice, look for a destination as nearest as you can. That’ll save your money. Look out for windy and stormy weather. Find out about expenses on each and how convenient each island is for most of your guests to reach. Try to strike a balance between all these options and choose a destination.

2. Beach weddings need lots of services. Keeping them all in mind is going to be difficult. Keep a record of everything you want and need. And keep a record of everything you are getting. Keep records of your expenditure. Try to plan all this long ago and decide on your budget and of course, try as best as you can, to stay within it. Keep records of everything possible. One that you planned and one that is actual. Keep a record of almost everything.

3. Managing your wedding ceremony is tough. Remember who you need to contact – the venue manager, the decorator, the caterer, the cake baker, the dress-maker, hair stylist and makeup artists, the lights-people, the cameramen, the florist, DJ/band/musicians… the list goes on. Try to hire a good wedding coordinator to look after all of it.

4. Talk to your wedding jeweller beforehand. Decide among yourselves (the bride and the groom) what you want and keep aside financial aid for that.

5. Invitations are a very important part of a wedding. Be sure to have some innovative invitation ideas planned beforehand. Take time and patience to make a list of people you actually want to see on your wedding day and make sure he/she/they receive the invitation. Arrange for favours well. They are almost as important as invitations. Remember you are going to have one of those beach weddings in the Caribbean – try to incorporate sea and beach elements like shells and sand in most of the things possible. Like try to make or order invitations that have shells on them, try to give wedding favours with sand and shells, etc.

6. Remember the bridesmaid and the groomsman – think of their dresses and makeup besides yours as well.

7. Last but not the least, in fact, most importantly, remember to contact and invite your wedding priest.

Happy Wedding and a happier wedded life! This is going to be one f the best beach weddings in the Caribbean.