Uncovering Three Myths About Wedding Bands

Nobody will deny that music will make weddings memorable. Beautiful melodies create a magical atmosphere during the wedding ceremony, and invite people to dance at the reception. Without music, weddings are simply not the same.

Rhode Island wedding bands are high in demand, despite the various myths surrounding them. One cannot but wonder how these strange concepts came about, and why they are still hanging on. With so much information readily available to us, these rumors should have long been cleared up.

Myth #1 – Less variety

Professional music groups have extensive playlists which they use to entertain you and your guests all night long. Sure, they may not have a huge repertoire in Hip Hop, Rap, and Groove Metal, but DJs cannot provide every possible song in the world either. Be honest, do you really want to bore your guest with avant-garde banging noises?

Myth #2 – Availability

Despite the misleading reports, Rhode Island wedding bands are NOT hard to find. They can be easily located through listings in the phone book, or online directories. Many groups even have a website on which they list all their information, as well as sound bites of some of the songs they perform. Listen to them; it will help you decide if this band is right for your wedding.

Myth # 3 – Affordability

There may have been a time where only the elite were able to afford a live band, but that is no longer the case. Today, most everyone can afford one of the exquisite Rhode Island wedding bands, and if you are about to start planning your wedding, you too should check them out. Incorporating one of these classy music groups will certainly give your special day an elegant touch. Your guest will talk about it for years to come!

Various Wedding Venues

Wedding is a magic word which symbolises the unison of lovers. Though it is said that marriages are made in heaven, the truth is that it happens in a convention centre or a church or other religious location. The venue type will depend on the belief of the family, but wherever it is held in a church or on a beach, weddings will be filled with relatives and friends all happy to become the audience and share in the joy of the celebration.

The wedding venue is a serious concern with a location that is suitable for the wedding party and guests that wish to attend. With families often split up around the countries getting the location right is paramount.

Finding the right venue is easier these days with the power of the internet. You can search for venues and by location with a good search engine such as Google. Venues tend to get booked up a good few months before the wedding sometimes up to 6 months. Knowing how many guests will help at this stage even if you don’t have the exact figure. Booking the venue well in advance will avoid a last-minute chaos.

Some of the various venues which a wedding can take place are:

A beach wedding:
This is the most fun filled serene wedding where the whole set up and arrangements are made on a beach. There are many beautiful beaches around the world and many of the top hotels have steps in place for the perfect beach wedding.

A church wedding:
The most traditional location for wedding is of course a church. The authenticity of church is definitely unbeatable. The holiness can be felt directly in the ambience of the building.

A register office wedding:
A very common way to get married nowadays is the register office. This is ideal for the couples who want to get married in a very low profile or those who want to marry without their parents consent, and of course those with less financial stability may prefer a register wedding.

An Island wedding:
The popularity is increasing for this form of private wedding which is preferred by families. They invite selected guests for the wedding in the islands and it happens to preserve the privacy rather than making the whole function a very public affair attracting news.

A Castle wedding:
Getting wed in a castle is the most royal feeling ever. Not only is it a very costly affair but also makes the day very special.

A sporting wedding:
Golf course and club houses provide a sporty wedding ambience. They play a perfect host to bespoke weddings for members and non-members alike, ensuring your wedding reflects your individual personality and style.

Everybody wants their wedding to be as unique as possible. And hence the location for wedding changes according to the uniqueness of the wedding.

Weddings on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia

For anyone who’s done the math and realized that a big traditional wedding at home is considerably more expensive than an intimate Island wedding, the Caribbean quickly comes to mind and St. Lucia is at the absolute top of the list in terms of the perfect choice.

The stunning beauty of this Caribbean island is hard to match. From the beauty of the Pitons to the unmatched beaches, St. Lucia is an amazing backdrop for your most romantic of occasions.

Fortunately, the process for getting married on St. Lucia is pretty straightforward. To get married you just need to bring a Birth Certificate and Passport, plus appropriate documentation if you are divorced, a widow/widower or have changed your name. Note that these documents must be in English or have an authenticated translation along with them if not.

If you’re looking for a whirlwind wedding, fortunately you can get a special license and be on and off the Island within 24 hours! That said, most couples take some time to enjoy this tropical paradise before and after their wedding.

Fees for weddings are $335 for a Marriage License (add approximately $200 for a special license if you’re on the island for less than 24 hours), $100 registrar fees and approximately $10 for a marriage certificate.

Many St. Lucia Hotels can provide all of the above details within their wedding packages, as well as a wide variety of options for receptions, accommodation and activities.

Speaking of activities, be sure to book some extra time on the island after your wedding as you’ll find a wide variety of tropical activities including bird watching, hiking, boat tours, golf, sightseeing, botanical tours, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and whale watching.

More information on St. Lucia may be found at http://www.stlucia.org.

What a way to start your lifetime together!